888 application, i.e. what apart from the website?

It cannot be concealed that technologies are still moving forward. Just a few years ago, the real revolution was the bookmakers’ websites, and today they do not arouse special shock and admiration – after all, it is natural that companies are heading towards the Web. It is not surprising that the offer for 888 today is based on Internet activities, and players want even more.


So the option of placing bets over the internet proved to be insufficient after a while. In the era of smartphones, we prefer to use them than even laptops, especially since virtually everyone already has access to the Internet on the phone.

So many bookmakers sports betting legal (though not all yet) have decided to create special applications that you can download to your phone and in this way bet, regardless of time and place. It doesn’t matter what you want to do in 888, check coupon results, deposit or withdrawal of funds, check your offer 888 per week – the app is efficient and all actions run smoothly.


888 is also mobile. It is said that in the case of 888, the mobile application is one of the best on the market. Of course, this is quite a subjective statement – some may not be convinced by this offer, even though 888 mobile has virtually all available options. Undoubtedly, the future of betting is in the players’ pockets on the smartphones we use. In Western Europe, around 70-80% of new players are registered via a smartphone, not a laptop or desktop. No wonder that in 888 matches for today can also be bet through the application.

888 betting and stationary points

At 888 online coupon can be bet easily. Of course, some customers remain true to traditional solutions and prefer to play at ground points. Sometimes this is due to age and lack of confidence in newer technologies, but not only sports betting algorithms. Many young people also go to stationary premises to talk to other tipsters, exchange experiences and insights. Many say that “then feel the real atmosphere of the bookmaker.”


Of course, you can assume that online forums are currently used for communication between players, but nevertheless there is still a need for stationary points. So how does 888 look in this respect?

Currently, 888 bookmakers have around 400 ground points throughout USA. Most are located in large cities (which should not surprise anyone), but this company also has many premises and in smaller towns (even supports 888 Pszczyna). In terms of the number of outlets, popular 888 are second only to Fortuna.

How are the opening hours for the 888 bookmaker? In larger cities, consultants will work longer and up to 7 days a week. You can be sure that 888 will bet on tomorrow and in the future, so any points fan can be calm.


In the case of the bookmaker 888 sports betting experts can boast the highest number of points, but it’s no wonder, because usually the capital is best equipped with premises. 888 Krak√≥w equipped similarly. And what can customers from smaller cities count on? 888 Lublin has equipped with only 8 points. For some players, this may not be enough, but the Internet is still there.

Many customers who remain loyal to traditional ground points may feel disappointed, but it is just that the Internet is statistically the most popular medium in the case of bookmakers. That is why the factories have the widest offer on the Web. The President of 888 Mateusz Juroszek informed that about 80% of turnover is made via an internet channel.

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